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Review of Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain

Review of Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain
Review of Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain is all about Perspective, there is no special way of completing any objective, and the player chooses how he wants the game to end and how he wants the game to be. He can make this game a disaster or a blessing. He can make it easy or he can make it challenging. What makes Phantom Pain unique is that it has the ability to fit into everyone’s idea of a game.
With the END all the same and Story all the same regardless the choices, how you end it is entirely on you. You can be creative or simple it’s your call.

Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid

Being the last production by Hideo Kojima for Konami, Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain is an Action adventure, open world stealth game which is set in Afghanistan and is considered a near perfection that provides the player with a realistic approach towards the game with intensely realistic graphics and as the game depends on the choices that player has to make throughout the game.
MGS Phantom Pain is the highest grocery and highest rated Exclusive in the series after MGS Guns of Patriots. The game is the eleventh canonical and the fifth within the series chronology and final installment in the Metal Gear Series.

Final installment in the Metal Gear Series
Final installment in the Metal Gear Series

Phantom Pain gives the player a complete control of the game in which he can create any army for himself (by recruiting the personnel by evaluating their skills through his gadgets), make the mother base larger and stronger. Throughout the game the player gets help from the Team in Mother Base that provides Intel on Weather, Enemy location, Vehicles, Supplies etc.
The kind of attitude player keeps with the characters in game may affect his achievements and overall progress. This makes it more realistic and interesting to play.
The Phantom Pain mostly include of extracting the Prisoners or Enemies with high skills for recruitment. For that an option of Fulton extraction is provided but for those who are injured, they must be extracted via Chopper and in order to finish any mission the player must escape by Chopper or land.

Metal Gear Solid Girl
Metal Gear Solid Girl

The equipment’s and Gadgets with the option to be up gradable make this game very attractive and Mysterious with full of suspense as the choices made can have consequences later.

The equipment's and Gadgets
The equipment’s and Gadgets

Gadgets and Weaponry Menu from where they can be upgraded and bought.
A Walker that can be used by the player.
Finally the game offer amazing story with some totally new and some old Villains and Characters. The playable character is only Big Boss/Snake but remaining characters help in gaining the objectives and a dependable, expendable and friendly gaming experience.

The problem remains with Kojima’s production, that even though this game is an incredible mix of cinematic and prominent game play, the game contains hours of cinematic that could be a Con as the main theme of a game is to have a player take the lead not to sit back and play.
But still being the last installment of the Metal Gear series the Phantom Pain took the best ideas, themes and mechanics from previous installments and made a whole of them in a single place that has not disappointed the players.
What can also be frustrating is that the 43 hours game has repetition of mission with more difficulty, even though with proper tactics the player can avoid the repetition in missions but still is has bother many player.
But with small Cons the game is most definitely worth getting and playing it is highly recommended.

Article By Zahra Gohar

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