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Group Name & Link Total Members Total Cast
Hinaji.com 36,000 + SOLD
 Whats App Groups 12,500+  SOLD 


Now that you have an introduction of Facebook there are other methods to interact with people adjacent to your interests and one of them is by forming a Facebook group.

A Facebook group can be formed by a similar way a Facebook page is formed and is different in a way that a Facebook page is a public profile but a Facebook group is somewhat of a private nature.

Now, a Facebook group consists of members which are Facebook users and you can also control people who can be added in the group. A Facebook group is a more interactive platform.

A Facebook group has members and members grow with time but for those of our customers who cannot wait to get members and need to interact quickly, they can buy Facebook groups from us to reach a broader audience.

You buy already made groups with members from us and then change the group name and let it serve your own purpose!